VIAcode technologists are masters at developing software that makes IT Management processes simpler, more powerful, and more cost-effective for our customers.

VIAcode technologists leverage strong educational credentials (M.Sc. and B.Sc) in applied math and computer science, up-to-date industry certifications, and diverse application development experience in new and emerging technologies.





VIAcode is well known and admired for its work in IT Management. We conceived, developed, and enhanced Intercept Studio, the first and most advanced solution for monitoring .Net applications in operation. Microsoft acquired Intercept Studio in 2010 and has integrated it as a major, new component in SCOM 2012. We have also built dozens of management packs, integrators, orchestrators, and configurators that enable the management of third-party applications within System Center. With the growth of cloud and mobile infrastructure and real-time exchange of data within and between companies, IT Management is getting more complex, not less. VIAcode can help you navigate the increasingly difficult world of IT Management.

Our IT Management practice focuses on three areas

  • Creating systems management and monitoring software that integrates third-party hardware and software products with IT management platforms, such as Microsoft System Center.
  • Working with corporate IT departments to integrate their custom applications into IT Management platforms, so that they can effectively operate their applications at the highest possible levels.
  • Helping companies optimize the performance of their IT Management platforms, including System Center, by improving application integration, management, configuration, and monitoring.


Our software development capabilities in IT Management are both broad and deep:

VIAcode-built Management Packs – enable IT managers to resolve System Center issues faster, increase availability, reduce support inquiries and improve the customer experience. Management Packs collect usage statistics in real-time and provide insight on how products really operate. Using templates and self-service features, IT managers can apply proper maintenance and service practices to products and achieve ITIL and MSF compliance.

Integration Packs – automate routine tasks for Orchestrator by creating visual workflows and run books. We enable the use of product features within workflows inside System Center leading to decreased operational costs, increased ROI and improved user experience.

Configuration Management – enable IT managers to track and manage inventory, patch and update systems, audit configurations, spot and remediate configuration issues quickly and implement best practices in Configuration Management.

Application Performance Monitoring – provides full implementation of APM practices in your organization. Our implementation approach is very comprehensive and includes:

  • Assessment.
  • Planning.
  • Elaboration (if necessary).
  • Design and plan adjustments
  • Monitoring infrastructure setup
  • Training
  • Iterative Improvements
  • Premium Support


  • Reduced cost of ownership in data center operations.
  • Reduce cost of support for IT infrastructure and applications in operation.
  • Less downtime for IT infrastructure and business critical applications.
  • Early warning on potential adverse events in your IT infrastructure.
  • Increased automation that makes management of critical infrastructure easier and more reliable.
  • Real-time monitoring of your applications in action both in the Cloud and on premise