"By leveraging VIAcode Accelerators, our customers gain access to high quality Management Packs that are unrivaled in the market."

Roman Yuferev,
VIAcode Practice Leader

For companies that deliver software and hardware for the Windows universe, real-time management inside of System Center is critical to success in operation. VIAcode is a world-leader in the development of Management Packs that make this possible. In addition, VIAcode has taken Windows-based IT Management several steps further by developing a series of solution “Accelerators” that serve the full life cycle of Management Pack
development, testing, deployment and operation.

The four newly-released Accelerator tools include:

  • MP Mocco – Enables an IT department to design and prototype a Management Pack to see how it will operate without having to program or either deploy it first. No programming, no real IT infrastructure – just a few clicks to see and evaluate how your infrastructure and services will be monitored by System Center!
  • MP Tattoo – Is a set of proprietary, automated tools developed and operated by VIAcode that dramatically reduce the time required to test, stage, and deploy a high quality Management Pack.
  • MP Wiki – Automatically generates documentation for a Management Pack’s classes, discoveries, rules, monitors and overrideable parameters, at the click of a button. A free version, Public MP Wiki, covers the most popular Management Packs, such as Lync Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Active Directory and others. Private MP Wiki allows an IT department to create their own documentation for custom Management Pack versions.
  • MP Tuner – Improves the usability of SCOM by radically enhancing its monitoring capabilities. Key additions include Override and Effective Tables that can be sorted, filtered and edited; a Parameter Map that provides a single, editable view of all data center parameter over-rides; an Override Set which includes an editable collection of override values that can be applied to object, class, group or the entire data center; and, integration with MP Wiki.